Thankyou God!

Had an accident last night, very very lucky to come out unscathed (more or less).  Hats off to the Fiat Palio, the car took all the impact.  Had i been in a Japanese car i’m not sure you would be reading this post.

Can someone please send me a Crossloop Beta Setup file?

Last week i blogged about remote desktop sharing and about how happy i was with Crossloop (the screen sharing app which i use to control Papa’s computer back home) … earlier this week i stumbled across a limited version from Crossloop and they’ve included some neat features namely FREE File Transfers (i wonder why nobody thought of that earlier, this is a first), a view only mode for added security (this exponentially increases the chances of corporates adopting crosloop as a secure communications channel) and lastly switching control with one click…

Appears that i’ve missed the deadline to download this since it was a beta test. Looks like there is a long long list of fans…if any beta testers are reading this can you PLEASE send me the setup file? I’ll be both eternally grateful and very willing to trade Joost invites and a host of other private betas … thanks in advance!
Did i hear someone say that barter was dead … 🙂
CrossLoop 1.1 Beta Test is Over

We sincerely appreciate your interest in taking CrossLoop 1.10 for a drive. Currently due to the overwhelming demand, we have closed our private invitation to ensure a phased release for the best of all our users.

We recommend that you go to our blog and subscribe to it via RSS or via email on the top right of the page – we will inform all our users of the availability and status through a blog post.

Cool & Nifty Windows Mobile 5.0 Software

The main reason i upgraded to the Windows Mobile platform was to surf the internet….and before you say it…i might as well….i’m beyond hope! 🙂
Most of the software i have downloaded and tried on my mobile computer has revolved around adding speed/convenience to my online experiences…here is a very short list of FREE tools that help you surf better or online tools that aid your offline life!

a) Opera – An absolute MUST HAVE … tabbed browing, multiple views, data compression the list goes on and on and on …
though i am a BIG fan of firefox….i will urge you to stay away from Minimo … though its based on the mozilla shell, it falls way way short.
Opera Mini is also an alternative, albeit a limiting one…very strange that Mini offers an option to remember passwords which the full version doesn’t ..

b) Mobispine – Discovered yesterday…and i’m already addicted! An RSS reader for your phone…helps you maximise your news sources and adds some interesting feeds of its own… i’m just piping my “What is Gautham reading just now” to my phone …. and running up some very moderate data usage ….also, on the PATHETIC edge speeds that Hutch offers RSS is a much better alternative to HTML…

c) Google Maps – Brilliant! Necessary if you’re not too used to the offline world or a typical male that can’t ask for directions….offers you the ability to zoom down to street view (well, almost) , has landmarks, aerial or satellite view, route mappers etc etc etc…

d) Widsets – Allows you to run widgets on the Mobile platform…is fun to play around with…. I’ve kitted this out too… the Wikipedia Widget is absolutely rocking….scrapes content, compresses and renders very very quickly…other feeds i’ve added include techcrunch, assorted news and email widgets… i’d urge you not to miss this one…

Gotta run now…but will be back to update this later… have fun!

Remote Desktop Access

There are 10 kind of people in the world. Those who understand binary, and those who don’t.

If you happen to be of the first kind, i can confidently say that you gladly double up as a sysadmin to friends and family, not just for “best practices” / must have software, but more importantly during emergencies where computers refuse to work…nothing can be more frustrating than providing ‘blind’ telephone support and dealing with error messages that you’ve never encountered before.

Our pad in Gurgaon was pretty hooked up…a monster desktop, 3 laptops, 2 windows mobile computers, 2 smartphones and a long long list of peripheral devices hooked up around these…goes without saying that almost every gadget had multiple forms of connectivity with any/all other devices (wifi, bluetooth, usb, firewire)… and for any ideas i may have had, De had the ability to bring it to life….while we weren’t close to Googleplex capability, we’d easily excite any technology enthusiast in the region…

The most convenient mode of controlling a device on any network is when you can browse the device in first person…and essentially thats what “Remote Desktop Control” is all about. While the best application for local devices on a network is ‘Windows Remote Desktop Connection’, the best tool i’ve used to playing sysadmin for my folks back home is Crossloop.
It’s pretty light (couple of MB), extremely simple to use, doesn’t sap precious system resources nor cause conflicts with other programs running on your computer. I’ve been able to run all sorts of tasks remotely, without any issues and would strongly reccomend this to anyone looking for a remote screen sharing solution.

Update 1:
i just found out about remote desktop sharing via Windows Live Messenger (the process is outlined below) …however fails to work with folks on the Reliance network…


The Long tail, in short!

The single critical success factor of any new startup (including any 2.0 idea) lies in its ability to leverage the ‘Long Tail’. Though the long tail is not exclusive to the internet, it is almost synonymous with the wealth creation we have seen over the last couple of years… here is a very brief attempt to demistify the fundamentals.

The Long Tail

To put it simply (in internet terms), the sum total of all PageViews/Visits/Monetization Opportunities in the so-called ‘Tail’ is more than the popular consumer hangouts (read: portals). A new blog born every second and brings with it another potential influencer, voice and opinion sets.
As we’ve evolved from an era of Mass Media (the days of Doordarshan) to My Media (cable television, early internet) to We Media (Wikipedia, Y! Answers, Facebook….), choice has become a whole new reality …. and human beings can’t get enough of it. For traditional media, the Internet is the paradigm shift….the rate of evolution – the checkmate.

Consumerism isn’t merely limited to owning physical objects…we’re now (thankfully) seeing it in the ever increasing need to know .. (refer Quaero Quero Ergo Sum). It is the Long Tail that drove usage/adoption/popularity of Search Engines… people wanted to find new sites, new information, new applications. However, search merely connected people to long tail… and the next wave of wealth creation (popularly known as Web 2.0) came when technology allowed bits of the Long Tail to connect with other bits …. in the seamless aggregation and distribution of Content (Text/Photos/Videos/Other) & Advertising.

The Long tail is here to stay, and the rules to build a viable business model are no different from a traditional one. Affinity (in cyberspace/blogosphere) is a function of niche; media spend is a function of affinity, reach and relevance.