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How to use Yahoo! Social Media tools effectively

Social media consists of Blogs, podcasts, wikis, RSS feeds, and social networks; nexgen tools that bring sites, users and communities into a dynamic, ongoing conversation. Syndication and sharing are key to social media since they accelerate the (r)evolution of that specific content/page.

Yahoo!’s dedication to social media and variety of offerings to its users is well known. Many webmasters and bloggers miss the opportunity to drive boats of traffic from the biggest portal on the internet by using these tools effectively enough.

Given below are a list of tools, what they offer and relevant URLs – a pinging service to broadcast updates
– social bookmarking site that allows users to attach tags to saved entries. These tags allow users to attach keywords to their bookmarks. Since no webmaster, blogger can cover every relevant keyword in his description of his page in meta content and reflect them well enough in his keyword density, delicious tags are a useful way of allowing users to generate content on your behalf and thus drive more relevant traffic organically. Especially useful for niche topics. You can include an ‘Add to’ button to the bottom of every post thus turning your users to evangelists.

Save to MyWeb 2.0 – Allows users to save, share and re-visit your sites pages. MyWeb Tools are numerous and consist of everything from buttons to save to myweb which you can include at the bottom of your post to Badges & APIs.

Y!Q: Sounds like IQ 🙂 and allows you to provide related searches and information to your users at the mouseover! Users love sites that provide them the worlds information in the easiest manner. Y!Q allows you to offer your visitors a more wholesome experience. Recommended for advanced bloggers as the install is a more complex.

Add to My Yahoo!: My Yahoo! is amongst the most popular services that keeps Yahoo!s users engaged. The ‘Add to My Yahoo!‘ button allows your RSS feed to be integrated into a users personalised page thus allowing him to find you in his daily dashboard of online updates. Whenever your blog gets updated he is automatically notified on his next login to My Yahoo!

Similarly you can add buttons for users to post your content and on their 360 Pages, and get them to build buzz around your content. Similarly you can upload your podcasts onto the popular Yahoo! Podcasts and display what users think of your podcasts on your own site thus adding to the credibility of your content.

This week Yahoo! also released some easy-to-plug-in (interactive) Social Media Optimisation Tools for anyone who creates content on the internet (publishers, podcasters and bloggers) making it extremely easy for users to share, save, recieve updates and blog about your content. These tools are in multiple formats and can be customized to the look and feel of your site.
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quaero quero ergo sum: Search Engines & Descartes!

Gaurav Pradhan enlightened a couple of us on the true story behind ‘cogito ergo sum – i think therefore i am’ and i have ‘been’ eversince :). So much so that i found myself on a an English Latin Translation Site to check for translations for ‘i search’ and promptly titled this one ‘quaero quero ergo sum’.

Thanks to Capitalism, Democracy AND the Internet we live in an age of opportunity, in an age where doubt is something you address on a Search Engine.
IMHO the assurance that the answer exists out there somewhere further fuels curiousity (doubt). Living in an age as complex/connected as ours, multiple cycles of doubt, resolution, discussion, further doubt, further investigation….leaves little time for existential concerns. While cogito still holds water, quaero quero holds the key to success.

PS – So much for my $0.02, De coined ‘cogito ergo tum’ – ‘I think therefore you are’ years ago!
The latin-hindi probably has Descartes turning in his grave but i don’t think De ‘thought’ about it! 🙂


Merill Lynch upgrades Yahoo! to “buy”

This morning, Merrill Lynch issued a bullish report on Yahoo! and upgraded the stock to “buy,” noting that the downturn in the company’s stock price seems to have created new opportunities for investors. “Yahoo is at an attractive entry point entering a seasonally strong holiday period and in-front of a two-year search monetization upgrade cycle, in our view,” wrote analyst Justin Post. The report also pointed out that Yahoo’s share of search queries has remained relatively stable and the new Panama platform is expected to help it compete for search dollars.

What’s more, Yahoo’s large audience should be a plus when it comes to drawing marketing budgets, according to Merrill Lynch. “Yahoo has a best-of-breed Web user base,” states the report. “The company is well positioned for all online advertising growth opportunities, including branded, search, mobile and video.”


A video of the Yahoo! life

This video is about life at Sunnyvale, features David Filo, Jerry Yang, a walkthrough the data center & NOC operations, the fitness center, the Guiness record and buzz marketing promos. A must see if you want to understand the ethic @ Yahoo! Videos of the life @ Yahoo! India would soon be uploaded on Timecapsule. 🙂



The ! in Yahoo!

This one is courtesy Govind Menon

If you go to & click on the exclamation mark in the Yahoo! logo, you can hear the yahoo yodel. Just make sure you speakers aren’t turned too high. And if you may want to save the Shockwave file used.

If you go to & click on the exclamation mark in the Yahoo! logo, you can hear the yahoo yodel. Just make sure you speakers aren’t turned too high. Rocking Stuff!