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Engagement: Google Gadgets a Yahoo! killer?

The last week has been fantastic.  Between the IAB Mixx & Expo and other events associated with Advertising Week, i’ve learned much more than i imagined.

I attended this session by Google on Ad-Innovation, where they spoke extensively about Gadgets and  other innovation on Youtube etc.  If Google Docs is Google’s attempt at hitting at Microsoft (albeit a VERY long shot), Gadgets (IMHO) is aimed square at Yahoo! by hurting their biggest stronghold (rich media & innovation) by adding longevity (users can save ads) and no hosting/serving costs in a bidded marketplace.

Engagement is clearly the new benchmark.  The Live platform is rife with gadgets developed for it and given that these can integrate across the platform on Spaces or Messenger or any other catchment area owned by Microsoft…the only person missing this party is Yahoo!

Given their dependance on rich media (and the possible impact), it will be interesting to see how they comeback.


Now handing out Spock Invites

Discovered Spock last week but didn’t have an opportunity to spend much time on it. To quote their site, “Spock is the online leader in personal search, helping users find and discover people. With over one hundred million people already indexed and millions added every day, Spock is building the broadest and deepest people specific search engine.”

What i like is the fresh look at image/people search and novel means of user participation such as users rated ‘tags’ to increase/decrease relevance.

In true internet spirit…am just trying to spread the love 🙂 …. Let me know if you want an invite.


Distribution 2.0 – Talking without voice!

Call this Distribution 2.0 …. toys that talk to each other: Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Widgetbox & Netvibes.

What do I use and what does it do?
WordPress: An open source blogging platform that publishes RSS feeds and allows hyper personalization using plugins.
Facebook: A popular social (networking) platform that publishes RSS feeds and allows publishing on its own platform.
Twitter: A simple but brilliant micro-blogging solution.
Pings: Hello World! Automatic updates from my blog to over 70 sites such as Technorati, Icerocket & Pingomatic
Twitterfeed: Updates my latest blog entry automatically into my Twitter Status
Twitter Facebook App: Automatically updates the twitter badge on my facebook profile.
Widgetbox: Updates Blog Widgets with my latest posts (aka blidgets) on a couple of friends blogs and social networking profiles.
Wordbook: Publishes new post notification into Facebook Minifeed.
MyRSS (Facebook app): Updates my feed on the Facebook RSS directory for new users to find.
Share This (WordPress Plugin by Alex King): User initiated bookmarking, voting (digg it, fave on technorati) and send via email.
Digital Fingerprint – Enables you to easily and quickly search the web for potential cases of plagiarism and content theft. It works by adding a customizable “digital fingerprint” to your RSS feed in posts that you select (or all posts if you wish). You can then easily monitor the blogosphere for your digital fingerprint in the hopes of finding potential content thieves and scrapers abusing your content
Netvibes: An RSS aggregator that I spend almost half my life on. In addition to getting updates from all my news sources, i now get my email and facebook feeds as well. Netvibes – very very cool!

Gotta get back to the real world now….happy blogging! 🙂


The Long tail, in short!

The single critical success factor of any new startup (including any 2.0 idea) lies in its ability to leverage the ‘Long Tail’. Though the long tail is not exclusive to the internet, it is almost synonymous with the wealth creation we have seen over the last couple of years… here is a very brief attempt to demistify the fundamentals.

The Long Tail

To put it simply (in internet terms), the sum total of all PageViews/Visits/Monetization Opportunities in the so-called ‘Tail’ is more than the popular consumer hangouts (read: portals). A new blog born every second and brings with it another potential influencer, voice and opinion sets.
As we’ve evolved from an era of Mass Media (the days of Doordarshan) to My Media (cable television, early internet) to We Media (Wikipedia, Y! Answers, Facebook….), choice has become a whole new reality …. and human beings can’t get enough of it. For traditional media, the Internet is the paradigm shift….the rate of evolution – the checkmate.

Consumerism isn’t merely limited to owning physical objects…we’re now (thankfully) seeing it in the ever increasing need to know .. (refer Quaero Quero Ergo Sum). It is the Long Tail that drove usage/adoption/popularity of Search Engines… people wanted to find new sites, new information, new applications. However, search merely connected people to long tail… and the next wave of wealth creation (popularly known as Web 2.0) came when technology allowed bits of the Long Tail to connect with other bits …. in the seamless aggregation and distribution of Content (Text/Photos/Videos/Other) & Advertising.

The Long tail is here to stay, and the rules to build a viable business model are no different from a traditional one. Affinity (in cyberspace/blogosphere) is a function of niche; media spend is a function of affinity, reach and relevance.


A peek into my inbox! :)

If you thought this would bring you all sorts of juicy gossip….i’ll just say that’s not my style 🙂 .. this is a Jai RSS (Really Simple Syndication) post .. and the inbox in question is the one i use on Netvibes.
Stumbled across this Yahoo! Messenger plugin which led me to the developers page… which then me thinking about whether i could export all my feeds from netvibes and get Y! Pipes to parse them into the script.
This is an attempt to show you what i’m possibly reading at any given time and aims to add some level of dynamic content to my otherwise static blog.

Powered by Yahoo! Pipes

Update 1:
This refuses to work….so i’m going retro and pointing you to my pipes page…
Update 2:
Just for my friends from Russia (the largest non-english/hindi speaking country on my blog) here is a translated version in Russian.