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Can someone please send me a Crossloop Beta Setup file?

Last week i blogged about remote desktop sharing and about how happy i was with Crossloop (the screen sharing app which i use to control Papa’s computer back home) … earlier this week i stumbled across a limited version from Crossloop and they’ve included some neat features namely FREE File Transfers (i wonder why nobody thought of that earlier, this is a first), a view only mode for added security (this exponentially increases the chances of corporates adopting crosloop as a secure communications channel) and lastly switching control with one click…

Appears that i’ve missed the deadline to download this since it was a beta test. Looks like there is a long long list of fans…if any beta testers are reading this can you PLEASE send me the setup file? I’ll be both eternally grateful and very willing to trade Joost invites and a host of other private betas … thanks in advance!
Did i hear someone say that barter was dead … 🙂
CrossLoop 1.1 Beta Test is Over

We sincerely appreciate your interest in taking CrossLoop 1.10 for a drive. Currently due to the overwhelming demand, we have closed our private invitation to ensure a phased release for the best of all our users.

We recommend that you go to our blog and subscribe to it via RSS or via email on the top right of the page – we will inform all our users of the availability and status through a blog post.


Apple’s iPhone Problems – Get the facts!

We all marvel at the buzz that any Apple launch manages to create…
If you do plan on buying the iPhone, knowing some of the shortcomings and problems, is essential….

While the detailed list and conversation can be found at i’ve handpicked a few…

  • Bluetooth is ONLY good for connecting a headset. That’s it.
  • There is no file browser on the device at all. Data must be organized (if at all) in the appropriate application.
  • The keyboard sucks. It gets slightly better after the iPhone “learns” you, as the employees said, but even then, it’s not a device you can use with one hand comfortably, much less without looking.
  • You can only send one picture at a time in an email.
  • No custom ringtones (yet, as we were being told) and the alert tones can not be changed whatsoever.
  • The default ringtones are incredibly lame.
  • The only form of customization outside of a lame default ringtone is the wallpaper, which you’ll only see when you need to unlock the device or when you get a phone call.
  • No document editor or native viewer. You can not store documents on the device to be viewed, they can only be viewed as attachments when they’re sent to your in an email.
  • No voice dialing.
  • No speed dialing (which can be made up by the “quick list”, but getting to that quick list isn’t as fast as holding a single key on a real keypad).

Being a heavy phone user… I’m definitely not letting go of the Windows Mobile platform anytime soon…


The Coolest Video Site of them all

Some sites rock….but some, blow your mind away!  I’ve been using StumbleUpon for a couple of years now, and nobody i’ve ever referred it to has complained*.  Essentially, stumbleupon is a tool that allows you to channel surf websites, bringing you sites that would interest you to instead of you having to actively seek them out. Channel surfing ensures you spend more time online, expend less energy and have more fun. Stumble is funded by Sherpalo.
Television is a braindead medium (it’s not called the idiot box for nothing), and is ideally suited to the doofus next door who isn’t looking at seeking out information, he’s looking for information to come to him…Stumbleupon does just that…it filters, prioritizes and delivers sites that would be relevant to you on the basis of your expressed interests, surfing habits, ratings and pages being surfed by other people like you…and the most you use it, the most accurate it gets! And so, in the medium term, it stands to be a game changer….loved by the geek and the doofus alike!
Stumbleupon Video takes its proprietary algos and applies it to videos…which it aggregates from multiple sites and then serves on its own interface, the best part of which is the background fades out when the video plays to reduce the stress on your eyes…you need to use it to believe it!
Also, one really nifty feature is being able to search for a new video while seeing another…the only other site that offers that is MSN Soapbox.

* – The only complaint i’ve got about Stumble has been from De. Between search, newsletters and RSS feeds he had enough of an information overload problem, and Stumble is exponentially increasing exposure to new sites/articles etc he just HAS TO SEE.


Introspection, anyone?

The Myers-Briggs-Jung test is an interesting personality test…for the introspective amongst us! Answering these questions accurately requires honest reflection on how you really think, feel, and act in general.  Some of the questions on this test measure personality traits differently than you might guess so trying to answer the test in a way you think would be ideal.  Trying to fake it is just going to screw up your results, so just focus on being honest if you want the most accurate results.
I am supposedly INTJ – “Mastermind”.  Promise i didn’t rig it 🙂
Introverted intellectual with a preference for finding certainty. A builder of systems and the applier of theoretical models. 2.1% of total population.