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Mind-STORM! :D

Back in 2006 i wrote about the evolution of toys in my life and just how badly i wanted Mindstorms. Though my experiment with micropayment donations didn’t exactly work as per plan…things have progressed a little. 🙂

No prizes for guessing what i’ll be doing with the spare time i get this weekend. 🙂


A Long Pending Post

The last couple of weeks have been exceptionally hectic…

To start with, i moved jobs…to a really interesting role at Microsoft which i won’t talk about just now…all i will say is I’m very excited to continue working with some of the sharpest minds in the business…also, my new role is based out of Bangalore (though i write this post from Bellevue…my base for the next couple of weeks) …

I don’t see myself blogging too much in the coming month or so….as i immerse myself into work and read about a gazillion documents to understand alot of what i need to. However, i just went out and bought myself a new camera which should ensure that i have content of some form or the other up from time to time…

Rock on… 🙂


Distribution 2.0 – Talking without voice!

Call this Distribution 2.0 …. toys that talk to each other: Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Widgetbox & Netvibes.

What do I use and what does it do?
WordPress: An open source blogging platform that publishes RSS feeds and allows hyper personalization using plugins.
Facebook: A popular social (networking) platform that publishes RSS feeds and allows publishing on its own platform.
Twitter: A simple but brilliant micro-blogging solution.
Pings: Hello World! Automatic updates from my blog to over 70 sites such as Technorati, Icerocket & Pingomatic
Twitterfeed: Updates my latest blog entry automatically into my Twitter Status
Twitter Facebook App: Automatically updates the twitter badge on my facebook profile.
Widgetbox: Updates Blog Widgets with my latest posts (aka blidgets) on a couple of friends blogs and social networking profiles.
Wordbook: Publishes new post notification into Facebook Minifeed.
MyRSS (Facebook app): Updates my feed on the Facebook RSS directory for new users to find.
Share This (WordPress Plugin by Alex King): User initiated bookmarking, voting (digg it, fave on technorati) and send via email.
Digital Fingerprint – Enables you to easily and quickly search the web for potential cases of plagiarism and content theft. It works by adding a customizable “digital fingerprint” to your RSS feed in posts that you select (or all posts if you wish). You can then easily monitor the blogosphere for your digital fingerprint in the hopes of finding potential content thieves and scrapers abusing your content
Netvibes: An RSS aggregator that I spend almost half my life on. In addition to getting updates from all my news sources, i now get my email and facebook feeds as well. Netvibes – very very cool!

Gotta get back to the real world now….happy blogging! 🙂


MyMobiler: View your mobile screen on your desktop

Contrary to popular belief the concept of a free lunch does exist….we call it freeware! 🙂 

One of my favorite features on the Windows Mobile platform is the ability to use your PC mouse and keyboard to operate/input data on your mobile phone.  I recently dumped TranCreative Pocket PC Connector for  MyMobiler.  This is a short review:

Mymobiler runs over an active sync connection and allows you to:
a) View your mobile screen on your desktop.
b) Control your mobile by using desktop keyboard and mouse.

c) Copy/Paste text between mobile and desktop.

d) Capture mobile screen.

e) Drag and drop files to your mobile.

It displays your mobile screen on your PC like any another window in your taskbar and is very easy to operate. I would recommend you restrict the number of ‘Running Programs’ on your Pocket PC while using MyMobiler as it consumes moderate amounts of RAM (since it needs export the mobile screen). A stable utility…i haven’t had any connectivity issues so far.  It’s faster for me to operate Hotmail, Google Maps and Widsets using the mobile interface (sharing the PC Internet Connection simultaneously) and is a huge productivity booster.

Strongly recommended.


Thankyou God!

Had an accident last night, very very lucky to come out unscathed (more or less).  Hats off to the Fiat Palio, the car took all the impact.  Had i been in a Japanese car i’m not sure you would be reading this post.