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Yahoo! Offers Best Mobile Web Experience

Boston, MA – March 12, 2007 – The newly launched Strategy Analytics Wireless Media Lab service has released, “Yahoo! Offers Best Mobile Web Experience as Interest in Web 2.0 Outstrips Media Industry Content,” which concludes that Yahoo! has the leading mobile web experience, based on evaluation of leading mobile web offerings by a Strategy Analytics Wireless User Panel.

Yahoo! beat Google, Napster, YouTube and MySpace, after participants carried out a set number of tasks specific to each provider on both a laptop PC and a wireless device.

“Yahoo! Mobile achieved the highest rating, primarily due to the fact that it represented the best replication of the full website on the Third (mobile) screen,” according to Paul Brown, User Experience Analyst at Strategy Analytics. “However, mobile implementation of these brands is tangibly inferior to the fixed user experience across a range of metrics.” Mobile implementations of these brands are tangibly inferior to fixed with user experience ratings ranging form -12 to – 34 index points. MapQuest is the most sought-after web location on mobile followed by Google.

David Kerr, VP of the Global Wireless Practice, added, “Many users, especially among digital enthusiasts, show a preference for web search, web mail and web 2.0, user generated content and social networking content over branded content. However ease of access and discoverability of content on mobile handsets continue to be a huge pain point which is directly limiting content consumption”

Benchmarking Key Brands: Fixed and Mobile Experience

Yahoo! offers the best mobile experiene


Nokia 5300 – A Review

We live in an age where evolution is not just a way of life but a mandate. I frankly believe that this is accelerated by technology and even more so by the internet. Ref : Quaero Quero Ergo Sum (the geeky cool great-grandson of Cogito ergo Sum)

Over the course of my mobile life I’ve owned several Nokia phones. It all started with a Nokia 3310, followed by a Nokia 3330 (where I was first exposed to WAP 1.0), followed by a Nokia 6600, followed by the Nokia n-gage, and another n-gage, then a 1100 and most recently a Nokia 6600. Though I’ve owned other mobiles the bulk of my phones have been manufactured by Nokia & I haven’t had too many complaints. This post actually is about the latest Nokia I got my hands on, the Nokia 5300.

I wanted to gift my mother a new phone, and the requirements from the phone were basic. Symbian for the UI, USB Connectivity, expandable memory, a decent camera (1.3 MP+) and a decent looking phone considering women are far more conscious of form factor. Expandable memory knocked out the Sony Ericsson range, Symbian knocked out Motorola, Samsung & LG and I was back hunting at a Nokia store. The 5300 caught my eye and since it met every single basic requirement I went ahead at bought it.

What’s the verdict: Brilliant (except for average battery life)
Symbian 40 phones, being simpler, are much faster than their Symbian 60 cousins.
Basic features like number duplication warnings make your life much easier.
This is something that neither the NSeries nor the ESeries offer.
A BRILLIANT PC Suite and USB Connectivity.
Backing up the entire phone has never been easier.
I’ve been known to curse Nokia for the shitty versions of their PC Suite and compliance / connectivity issues with their phones over Bluetooth/ IR but from all the handling of this phone & the new suite , this version ROCKS.
The ability to backup every bit of information on your phone including messages, contacts, images etc by simple drag-drop mouse commands.
A crisp camera and 2GB Memory Cards.
Dedicated easy access buttons for Music and deep base earphones.
An additional pin to add after-market headphones.
Connectivity: IR, Bluetooth, USB (you’ll be surprised how many basic phones don’t come with all 3).

Battery Life. For heavy users, this can be limiting.
From heavy user perspective: The inability to multitask with multiple java apps.


Web 2.0 – The new cyberscape!

Sometime back i was asked about what I would my ideal environment would be, and my answer was relatively simple…IPv6 connectivity, a WiMax card on my tablet and a Web2.0 Life Management System running on

I didn’t stop there 🙂 (check the post titled 2019 for the abridged version) but the rest was more wishlist and not what i’d need to be seamlessly integrated with my online oxygen.

For the blissfully ignorant, IPv6 is short for “Internet Protocol version 6”. A replacement for the aging IPv4, which was released in the early 80s, IPv6 will exponentially increase the number of available Internet addresses or IPs (from 32 to 128 bits) and consequently the number of devices attached to the Internet. It would serve as a base for data delivery from everything from telecom to television. There are a host of resources which talk about the benefits and features of IPv6, some of which can be found here and here!

Combine IPv6 with Wimax/WiFi, the growth of embedded systems and AI and you find yourself in wireless paradise where all your devices i.e. car, fridge, camera, phone, tablet, TV talk to each other! Sound like sci-fi fiction? Opera already has a dedicated division which builds internet browsers for devices! Still sound like Star Wars? Before i give you a host of other reasons about why its not, i’ll give you some background on where the web is headed and the concepts behind Web 2.0.

To quote wikipedia “Web 2.0 is a term popularized by O’Reilly Media and MediaLive International as the name for a series of web development conferences that started in October 2004. It has since come to refer to what some people describe as a second phase of architecture and application development for the World Wide Web. Web 2.0 applications often use a combination of techniques devised in the late 1990s, including public web service APIs (dating from 1998), Ajax (1998), and web syndication (1997).

This IBM Page (courtesy De) is a great resource for developers.

To put it simply, the next wave is server based & collaborative computing, limitless bandwidth and seamless connectivity. Any analysis of M&A activity by Internet heavyweights will give you a good idea about Web 2.0 products and why they’re where any netrepreneur needs to be focussing his attention. There is already a long list of products from companies like 37signals,, Trumba, Adventnet (Zoho) which deal with life management systems ranging from CRM to online collaboration. Flickr & are Web 2.0 products that need no introduction.

A peek at Google’s portfolio of products and services and Google’s acquisitions all point in one direction – Owning the Web 2.0 platform. Microsoft is what it is because it owns the PC platform. And that’s just what Google has aimed to do.

Yahoo! isn’t a stranger to 2.0 either, the new Yahoo! Mail, Live Words and Widgets are all 2.0 products. In addition to that, their acquisitions include Oddpost, Flickr &

While it’s easy to lose yourself admiring Google, you could very easily lost sight of Microsoft and be fooled into believing that they’re not very active on the 2.0 front. Ever wonder why the rumoured MS acquiring Macromedia didn’t work out? Maybe, for Vista to be a success, it had to be more nimble. A little digging into MS Investments & Acquisitions throws light on my humble 2cent theory. Sharepoint, Windows/Office Live, Origami, Windows Mobile 5.0 are not just concepts! MS publicly can now be in every room of the house & Windows has long been associated with BMW. Origami is WiFi enabled, it does have a tablet version of XP running on it (and should be able to run Vista). There are no limitations on the browser, the connectivity, the OS. Whats there to stop them?

It’s hard to imagine that something as big and wide as the Internet, can evolve so fast! While i still haven’t been able to identify any opportunities that the Semantic Web will present, i’m sure i’d be just as amazed, just as curious and just as ignorant as i am now.


float’s Mobile Agent

Every now and then, you come across a piece of software that blows your mind….almost like a lone dosco left in welham girls, all by himself…..thats what float’s mobile agent did to me last night! Available at fma’s sourceforge page the software lets you integrate your mobile phone (in this case a Sony Ericsson T610) with your computer…..and thats just the beginning….

i had tried downloading FMA last year….on de’s computer back in Diamond District…..and the only thing it did was crash his computer, at one stage not even allowing a normal boot up…but de being the guru that he is found a way around that…(and obviously refused to run the program ever again) …. extremely skeptical of burning my fingers again, i went by the promise on the site that a ‘stable’ version was available for download….FMA 2.0 !

FMA is a free powerful phone editing tool allowing users to easily manage all of the personal data stored in their phones, using Bluetooth, IR or serial port. FMA allows easy management of Phonebook (both SIM and Phone memory), SMS, Profiles, and Files stored on the phone. This makes tranfering files between phone and computer extremely easy….including ringtones, themes, pictures and the like…

Now for the real stuff….FMA can also allow you to pickup and dial calls, send and view SMS, take photographs and get assorted information like battery life, battery temperature, phone temperature, view call logs etc…. directly from your PC. It could actually allow you to use your phone as a spy device….with it taking photographs and/or recording a conversation in the next room…..and this isn’t where it ends!

It allows your phone to become your mouse/controller to operate your PC… for example you can open iTunes or Winamp and switch to the song of your choice without even looking at your PC….much better than buggy symbian software like ControlFreak and Bemused….

Will get my hands on some higher end Sony Ericsson;s this week and hopefully get inquisitive with them too….i’m sure they’d be able to integrate perfectly with FMA….considering that the SE’s are more powerful than their nokia counterparts and more intelligent due to FMA….i’m questioning the need for a mid range nokia or a symbian phone….in anycase….i’m not in the phone market for the next couple of months…(reality check 🙁 ) but when i’m there….FMA will definitely get me to think in favour of SE! unless i head for overkill right to the palm 700W!