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quaero quero ergo sum: Search Engines & Descartes!

Gaurav Pradhan enlightened a couple of us on the true story behind ‘cogito ergo sum – i think therefore i am’ and i have ‘been’ eversince :). So much so that i found myself on a an English Latin Translation Site to check for translations for ‘i search’ and promptly titled this one ‘quaero quero ergo sum’.

Thanks to Capitalism, Democracy AND the Internet we live in an age of opportunity, in an age where doubt is something you address on a Search Engine.
IMHO the assurance that the answer exists out there somewhere further fuels curiousity (doubt). Living in an age as complex/connected as ours, multiple cycles of doubt, resolution, discussion, further doubt, further investigation….leaves little time for existential concerns. While cogito still holds water, quaero quero holds the key to success.

PS – So much for my $0.02, De coined ‘cogito ergo tum’ – ‘I think therefore you are’ years ago!
The latin-hindi probably has Descartes turning in his grave but i don’t think De ‘thought’ about it! 🙂


A Little Piece of the Google Algorithm – Revealed
The comments and discussion are a must read for SEOs/Webmasters
GoogScore = (KW Usage Score * 0.3) + (Domain Strength * 0.25) + (Inbound Link Score * 0.25) + (User Data * 0.1) + (Content Quality Score * 0.1) + (Manual Boosts) – (Automated & Manual Penalties)

KW Usage Factors:

  • KW in title tag
  • KW in header tags
  • KW in document text
  • KW in internal links pointing to the page
  • KW in domain and/or URL

Domain Strength

  • Registration history
  • Domain age
  • Strength of links pointing to the domain
  • Topical neighborhood of domain based on inlinks & outlinks
  • Historical use & links pattern to domain

Inbound Link Score

  • Age of links
  • Quality of domains sending links
  • Quality of pages sending links
  • Anchor text of links
  • Link quantity/weight metric (Pagerank or a variation)
  • Subject matter of linking pages/sites

User Data

  • Historical CTR to page in SERPs
  • Time users spend on page
  • Search requests for URL/domain
  • Historical visits/use of URL/domain by users GG can monitor (toolbar, wifi, analytics, etc.)

Content Quality Score

  • Potentially given by hand for popular queries/pages
  • Provided by Google raters (remember Henk?)
  • Machine-algos for rating text quality/readability/etc

Obviously, this isn’t a perfect summation of the algorithm by any means, but I have a strong suspicion that if we were to see the exact algorithm in perfect form, we’d see that a lot of these factors are strongly reflected in the weighting.Read on…


YouTube vs. MySpace?

Just a few months ago, News Corp. (NWS) landed a crucial deal with Internet leader Google (GOOG). News Corp. designated Google as the search engine for MySpace, the social networking leader that News Corp. acquired last year for $580 million. The Google deal guaranteed $900 million in revenue for MySpace over a three-year period, more than
enough to recoup News Corp.’s cost of acquiring MySpace, plus a tidy profit.

Today, YouTube doesn’t compete directly with MySpace, where members keep home pages loaded with photos, videos, music and messages. But YouTube has a social networking component, because its users can share playlists and other information. That could be the foundation for more YouTube social networking features that would put it into more direct competition with MySpace.

Read on…


Media Titans Pressure Youtube over Copyrights

In an apparent display of saber-rattling aimed at nudging video Web site YouTube Inc. into cutting favorable licensing deals, a number of major media companies have banded together to explore the legal implications of the video site’s unauthorized use of copyright material, people familiar with the matter say.

The move comes just days after YouTube agreed to be acquired by Google Inc. for $1.65 billion. If the deal goes through, deep-pocketed Google could be held responsible for YouTube’s legal liabilities.

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An IMPORTANT notice from the Writely team

Another Google Property integration…just got this email from Writely…oops i meant the Google Writely Team.

Dear gautham,

In a few days, we will update your Writely account to use your [email protected] com Google Account registration settings.

This means you’ll need to use your Google Account password when signing in, not your Writely password (if they’re different).

If you’ve forgotten your Google Account password, just go to

Google Writely Team