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Yahoo! launches Widgets 4

Excerpts from the Y! Widget Blog

Yes! Yahoo Widgets 4 is now available for download. This version has a lot of cool new features for users as well as developers of Widgets.

For those that think we’ve been sitting around drinking tequila and not really focusing on Konfabulator/Yahoo Widgets, today’s the day we show you what we’ve really been up to for these past months. Well, we’ve been drinking some tequila too, but let’s stay focused, shall we? What?!

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PS – Am downloading it, as i type this. Excited, and how! Yahoooooooo! 🙂


Yahoo! Offers Best Mobile Web Experience

Boston, MA – March 12, 2007 – The newly launched Strategy Analytics Wireless Media Lab service has released, “Yahoo! Offers Best Mobile Web Experience as Interest in Web 2.0 Outstrips Media Industry Content,” which concludes that Yahoo! has the leading mobile web experience, based on evaluation of leading mobile web offerings by a Strategy Analytics Wireless User Panel.

Yahoo! beat Google, Napster, YouTube and MySpace, after participants carried out a set number of tasks specific to each provider on both a laptop PC and a wireless device.

“Yahoo! Mobile achieved the highest rating, primarily due to the fact that it represented the best replication of the full website on the Third (mobile) screen,” according to Paul Brown, User Experience Analyst at Strategy Analytics. “However, mobile implementation of these brands is tangibly inferior to the fixed user experience across a range of metrics.” Mobile implementations of these brands are tangibly inferior to fixed with user experience ratings ranging form -12 to – 34 index points. MapQuest is the most sought-after web location on mobile followed by Google.

David Kerr, VP of the Global Wireless Practice, added, “Many users, especially among digital enthusiasts, show a preference for web search, web mail and web 2.0, user generated content and social networking content over branded content. However ease of access and discoverability of content on mobile handsets continue to be a huge pain point which is directly limiting content consumption”

Benchmarking Key Brands: Fixed and Mobile Experience

Yahoo! offers the best mobile experiene


Gimme some Joost quickly please…

Just in from my friends at Joost….if any beta testers are reading this…could you pass me an invite?
Hi Gautham Gauruv Maediratta,This is just to let you know that we haven’t forgotten your request to try Joost. We’re now speeding up the process of adding testers and we’ll shortly be inviting everyone who has signed up to try Joost.

This includes you, so expect an invite within the next couple of weeks – in the meantime, thanks for bearing with us – we appreciate it.

See you soon on Joost!

The Joost Team

You are receiving this email because you applied to be a Joost beta tester (The Venice Project). If you no longer want to be a beta tester, please send an email to xxx with the subject line: Please Remove


The things websites do for traffic

Got this email from Indiatimes today….and am baffled….not surprised, not astounded….but baffled! I haven’t logged onto my Indiatimes email for over 3 years (the email mentions 3 months) and Indiatimes wants to do a springclean…the question i’m still grappling with is….to what benefit?

“In the next few days, we will be launching a host of new services, and would need to delete mail ids which have been lying dormant and have not been used for a long time.”

How hard is it to learn from the mistakes of the past..mistakes made by popular mail portals, who dictated terms to users – ‘no more than 250 contacts, 2 MB is all you get….maybe 10MB is what we’ll give you….sign in every 90 days or you lose your ID…’ … this list was pretty endless…and in walked google and swept away the heavy users… who didnt wanted to be dictated terms….is this a novel way of getting users to sign in to indiatimes mail again? Tough luck buddy….i don’t give a flying one about your mail….

As an experiment i’m not going to log in to indiatimes (i’ve only used them to shop for airtickets in the past and have a couple of carrots to my credit .. nothing substantial)….lets see what i miss out on…i’m reasonably sure its not going to be anything worth dying for….

Appended below is the email from Indiatimes….

Dear Member,

We are delighted to have you as a part of the Indiatimes mail family. But we have noticed that, for some reason, you have not used your Indiatimes mail for over 3 months!!

In the next few days, we will be launching a host of new services, and would need to delete mail ids which have been lying dormant and have not been used for a long time.

To retain your id and to continue accessing your Indiatimes mail – with a far better experience, please log on to today. Start using the mail once again and get ready to get surprised!

Looking forward to your continued support and patronage.

Thank you!

Warm Regards
Indiatimes Mail Member Services


Salman Khan, Spam, Potty Training & Mother Teresa

Pick the odd one out.  Want a clue? Click on the image below.
Spam, Salman Khan, Potty Training & Mother Teresa

Was clearling my spam folder and came across spam from ‘Salman Khan’…i had to hand it to the spammer…he had earned an ‘open’ for sheer creativity…while the mail was loading i was curious about the kind of contextual ads that might get thrown up, and if any would correspond to the brands he endorses…
When the page loaded i laughed so hard, it took me a minute to get my breath back… goes to show that contextual targeting is still a WIP…

PS – No offence to Mother Teresa, i’m still wondering what word the SEM targeted his ad on…Salman Khan? Pheronomes?


Expanded Alexa Traffic Rankings

Alexa has added more meat to their traffic rankings page, after about three odd years.  I must add that they updated the graphs about a month back, offering more options with data smoothing and time period…
What’s nice are the geo-specific ranks and geo-composition of Alexa toolbar users for any site.  The top sites accessed from india can be found here
Expanded Alexa Traffic Rankings
(Click on the thumbnail for the full-sized image)