MyMobiler: View your mobile screen on your desktop

Contrary to popular belief the concept of a free lunch does exist….we call it freeware! 🙂 

One of my favorite features on the Windows Mobile platform is the ability to use your PC mouse and keyboard to operate/input data on your mobile phone.  I recently dumped TranCreative Pocket PC Connector for  MyMobiler.  This is a short review:

Mymobiler runs over an active sync connection and allows you to:
a) View your mobile screen on your desktop.
b) Control your mobile by using desktop keyboard and mouse.

c) Copy/Paste text between mobile and desktop.

d) Capture mobile screen.

e) Drag and drop files to your mobile.

It displays your mobile screen on your PC like any another window in your taskbar and is very easy to operate. I would recommend you restrict the number of ‘Running Programs’ on your Pocket PC while using MyMobiler as it consumes moderate amounts of RAM (since it needs export the mobile screen). A stable utility…i haven’t had any connectivity issues so far.  It’s faster for me to operate Hotmail, Google Maps and Widsets using the mobile interface (sharing the PC Internet Connection simultaneously) and is a huge productivity booster.

Strongly recommended.


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