Can someone please send me a Crossloop Beta Setup file?

Last week i blogged about remote desktop sharing and about how happy i was with Crossloop (the screen sharing app which i use to control Papa’s computer back home) … earlier this week i stumbled across a limited version from Crossloop and they’ve included some neat features namely FREE File Transfers (i wonder why nobody thought of that earlier, this is a first), a view only mode for added security (this exponentially increases the chances of corporates adopting crosloop as a secure communications channel) and lastly switching control with one click…

Appears that i’ve missed the deadline to download this since it was a beta test. Looks like there is a long long list of fans…if any beta testers are reading this can you PLEASE send me the setup file? I’ll be both eternally grateful and very willing to trade Joost invites and a host of other private betas … thanks in advance!
Did i hear someone say that barter was dead … 🙂
CrossLoop 1.1 Beta Test is Over

We sincerely appreciate your interest in taking CrossLoop 1.10 for a drive. Currently due to the overwhelming demand, we have closed our private invitation to ensure a phased release for the best of all our users.

We recommend that you go to our blog and subscribe to it via RSS or via email on the top right of the page – we will inform all our users of the availability and status through a blog post.


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