A peek into my inbox! :)

If you thought this would bring you all sorts of juicy gossip….i’ll just say that’s not my style 🙂 .. this is a Jai RSS (Really Simple Syndication) post .. and the inbox in question is the one i use on Netvibes.
Stumbled across this Yahoo! Messenger plugin which led me to the developers page… which then me thinking about whether i could export all my feeds from netvibes and get Y! Pipes to parse them into the script.
This is an attempt to show you what i’m possibly reading at any given time and aims to add some level of dynamic content to my otherwise static blog.

Powered by Yahoo! Pipes

Update 1:
This refuses to work….so i’m going retro and pointing you to my pipes page…
Update 2:
Just for my friends from Russia (the largest non-english/hindi speaking country on my blog) here is a translated version in Russian.



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