Zapak is firing all cylinders….preparing for blast off….got this in my mailbox today…
(However, the typo …’click here to check your mails‘ .. is a total dampener)…

Hey maedi,

How are the games going? To start with, thank you for being a part of my Zapak family. You’ve been playing a lot and that’s why, I’ve decided to add more levels of excitement. Get ready for finger tapping thrills.

Let’s gift you 2 Games! Since I like your style, I’ve decided to give you 2 great games worth Rs. 990 for free. You can just download them, have it on your PC and play it anytime.

No Paisa, No Gyan… only Masti! So click here to download the games.

Let’s challenge your buddies! When we throw a party, we throw it big. That’s why; you can share that game with ALL your friends for a limited time. Tell them to log on to and I’ll give it to them. It’ll be an exclusive game for just your gang.

Let’s go crazy! I know you must have played most of our games but did you know we have launched 35 new games in last 2 weeks? You can now play over 225 games on and we are adding 1 new game everyday. Your fingers will get tired, but the games won’t end.

Mail me from your new Account! Did you know, you already have an email id it’s Fast , simple to use & has unlimited storage space. I am using it right now and it works great. You can experience it too. Click here to check your mails.

That’s all from my end. I’m getting back to my games now. You should get back to yours. Log on to for a new adventure everyday!

Keep playing,

Rohit Sharma
Chief Operating Officer,


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