The real implications of Web 2.0

Over the last couple of months, i’ve been bombared by questions about social media (or web 2.0 products) and my responses have been consistently varied on the real implications for users, brands and communities. I finally managed to cut myself out of tech explanations and put down the real, simple, business / marketing implications:
1) Marketers, brace yourself for the handover of power; large corporations & brands to individuals & communities.
(We consumers now officially rock 🙂)
2) Webpreneurs, the value-store (read VC valuation) is not in content but in shaping & delivering a unique experience seamlessly across digitally converged devices. (read computers, mobile phones and other devices. The other devices are where the next wave of innovation is going to be led, and the best thing is
3) The barrier to entry, and time to market, in innovation is a thing of the past. Due to the permutations/combinations, and constant evolution of the platform itself, it is much harder for innovation to be driven top-down. The sheer nature of experience, demands it be built bottom-up.


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