Blog Basics – Check the number of pages of your blog indexed by Search Engines

To continue from where i signed off last time, it is imperative that major Search Engines know that your site exists and have a majority (if not all) the pages of your site in their index. Industry folks call this Search Engine Saturation.

The logic is simple…the higher the number of pages indexed, the higher the likelihood that a Search Engine throws up your site in their Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). has some brilliant meta tools, that are FREE & allow you to understand
a) Search Engine Saturation
b) Link Popularity &
c) Keyword Verification (where your site appears for a particular search phrase)
The importance of each one of these parameters cannot be emphasised enough and the relatinship between all three are interwoven. The higher the number of links pointing to your site, the higher the likelihood of a meaty index. The link text forms the base for the terms associated with your site. (So for e.g. if all the links that pointed to my blog were Netreaucrat my site would be associated with the term Netreaucrat and figure higher in SERPs for that particular phrase). Lastly, keyword verification allows you to check where your blog features for pertinent search terms across different engines.
The last time i checked my Search Saturation i was pleasantly suprised to see the statistic at 477. Appears that this has now crawled up to 685 with the MSN index still being the largest. Search Engine Saturation

Engine Current Min Max Avg
Google/ AOL/ HotBot 159 3 159 99
HotBot 0 25 25 25
MSN 400 71 400 171
Yahoo!/ FAST/ AltaVista 126 1 126 57
Total/ Current 685 71 685 289
Click on the links above to view trending for each engine.


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