Increase Traffic to your blog using Pings

It’s not just about putting content up on the web, the trcik is all about getting people to find this ifnormation. So far the easiest way to get people to your site/blog has been to get on the right side of the Search Engine and cross your fingers and hope for the best. However, today Pinging would stand as the single best way to drastically increase the number of visitors to your blog .

There are several services on the Internet that track Blogs for new information and announce updates in one form or another. These services are monitored in turn by the major search engines, so if you can get your Blog information to appear in these services, you then have your foot in the door for Yahoo!, Google and others. It can take months of hard work if you are not Blogging and Pinging.

Most half-decent Blog softwares offer services to ping the major services after you create a new Blog. To add the list of pings to your WordPress Blog all you have to do is Sign-in and from your dashboard choose Options/Writing and paste the list below into the ‘Update Services’ box.

Happy blogging!


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