Google & Apple: What’s up doc?

Eric Schmidt recently joined the Apple Board. I thought is really strange since a Bill Gates owns a substantial amount of Apple. Ran a couple of searches and stumbled across some dizzying info.

Al Gore is a senior advisor to Google and is an Apple director.
Intuit Chairman Bill Campbell is an Apple director and Google advisor.
Arthur Levinson (CEO Genentech) sits the boards of both companies.
Paul Otellini, CEO of Intel , which supplies Apple’s microprocessors, sits on Google’s board.

At WWDC 2006 Steve Jobs mentioned apples 13% marketshare in new notebook sales in the US. Macs now run Windows, is more stable bla blah blah…for a complete list on why Macs are better check

If anything does ever culminate, (Apple hardware, ilife & Google cloud..and add Open Office 2.0 to that) it could redefine the way the world computes…which brings me to the question….what’s up doc? 🙂


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