Windows Live Spaces

MSN Spaces is dead…Spaces is now Live! 🙂

Is it just me or is it rendering funny to everyone?  Checked earlier today and it rendered just fine.  Looks funny on Firefox 1.5 as well as IE7 now.

Whats new are hundreds and gadgets at the Windows Live Gallery (finally MS awakes to personalisation and boy toys) and new social networking features which it hopes will allow it to snowball past MySpace kinda numbers. Another key point is deeper integration integration with other MS Live offerings .
The integration is interesting, Windows Live Spaces integrates with Live Contacts, which is also used in the Windows Live Messenger product. Instant messaging conversations can now be initiated through the Spaces site. (Why do i feel this is a hybrid of Y! 360 Contacts and Google Chat via Gmail)
MS has also added features to let users choose permission levels w.r.t. being contacted through their Space. (There is however a way of getting the IM address of the person whose space you are on…and works 80% of the time… the old naming structure was …. chances are the User ID on Live Mssngr is maedi …. this is because the default name given (unless the user chose while setting up to change it) was = Mssgr ID.  This however has been changed to

However, folks under 18 can only be reached via their Messenger Contacts. Issues surrounding easy access to children on social networking engines has become the topic of much controversy in the last couple of months, and MS is doing its bit for greater common good…

All said, for the enthusiasts in us, WordPress still rocks…and for the folks who only want a blog that integrates with the rest of their online experience, it just got a whole lot better!


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