The Rise of Social Networking

Social Networking is one of those many buzzwords you hear flying around the place. While Myspace dominates
discussions and headlines, the silent mover / dark horse is Google’s Orkut. Its not easy to spot Google’s
revenue model in Orkut, but this is as close as i can get to it. Search Quality!!! Google aims to provide more
relevant results on the basis of social networks, associations, interests and skew of geographic inputs.I’ve been using Orkut for over 4 years now, and must add that stickiness is high. While the scrapbook ensures
you login, the Recent Visitors tool ensures you keep adding folks in.

Appended below is a sneak peak of my Dashboard

Welcome, Gautham
Invite your friends and grow your network now!You are connected to 24,184,827 people through 75 fan You have 1 fans. scrap icon 90 scrapsYour profile views:
Since Feb ’06: 714, Last week: 35, Yesterday: 8
Recent visitors:
srujana murali, Adnan Farooqui, Arunita Phukan, kanchan sharma, Nitin NayyarNext steps:
Have a great friend? Write a testimonial and let people know!Today’s fortune:
You never hesitate to tackle the most difficult problems

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