User Generated Content – The Online Edge! (MTV FLUX)

MTV Networks has announced a bold move into “social networking” and “user generated content”, and unravelled plans for a TV channel fed by content created by viewers. MTV Flux will marry mobiles phones, computers & allow people to create and consume media and while facilitating consumers to connect to each other. In addition to that MTV will give users the option of choosing music videos & displaying the users own videos and messages alongside.

Traditional Media is dead, long live traditional Media!

The idea is not as earth shattering as it’s made out to be. The move is MTV’s shot at leveraging the popularity of new user generated platforms like MySpace and YouTube, both of which have found exponential growth.

Alexa Rankings MySpace, YouTube, AOL, MTV & NYTIMES

Youth TV, a popular newspaper & an Internet 1.0 site Vs. User Generated Content. Who wins? Surprise, surprise! 🙂

Am i excited by the proposition?
And why not?
TV, at best, could form multiple ‘local’ “social networks”. MTV appears to believe that they would be able to monetise these audiences effectively. TV is subject to high distribution & monitoring cost, which would impact bottomlines.
On the other hand, the web offers a virtually limitless audience with negligible distribution cost. MTV would have to go cross platform (and integrate serving content online) for them to truly witness exponential growth or earth shattering ROI.

Is FLUX a write-off?
By no means! I believe that MTV has been making steady progress into convergence. It is natural that a Flux 2.0 would be out soon, complete with podcast content, available on the go, integrated with URGE and accessed primirily over wireless internet.

What say? I’d put my money on 2010!


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