Bill Gates CES Keynote & Zune!

This is probably one of the most interesting keynote addresses i’ve been through in a long time. What’s interesting about it is the number of partners that Microsoft seems to be working with and how eventually they all converge on the Windows Platform.

I’ve heard many an ignoramus state ‘the game is all over for Microsoft’. The core thing to remember though is that, Microsoft owns the platform. And with them actively partnering with companies including LG, Samsung, Motorola, Palm, MTV, Toshiba and Intel, MS is weaving a different kind of web around users. Centralised software, keeping everyone (i.e. Mom, Dad, the kids and Granpa) in mind.

MS announced the launch of their own music player, Zune. With their partnership with MTV Networks (Urge), this should garner decent marketshare in the music download front. (If you have any doubts on that, look at any MS service that was written off initially….be it Windows Media Player if nothing else).

Came across this tongue-in-cheek site on the Zune…..Google threw it up as part of my personalised search.


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