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For some reason we love to see the mighty fall, but more than anything we love to see a great comeback….that was Arun’s handle on MSN Mssngr today…oops, did i say MSN Messenger? I meant the new Windows Live Messenger (Messegner 8.0 Beta) which Arun so generously sent me an invite to. Might interest you that this is an extended version of Windows Messenger and not MSN Messenger….which i feel wouldn’t be offered for download beyond a point…MS should keep it functional though…esp in developing economines where Win 95/98 are dominant and wouldn’t support WLM.

Excited as i was on getting my hands on a new toy, i shot off an invite to De (not as soon as i wished i could though) …and we discussed the number of bugs (or should i say, lack thereof) in the beta version. (there is one though…which i’ll post later…while i continue digging for more 🙂)

The irony of Arun’s handle is that MS has released a beta which is spot on, offers new features (like sharing folders) , and in a very Google manner has stitched it all perfectly well. Would be really interesting to see how well this integrates with Yahoo! Messenger when they merge both messengers.

Messenger 8.0 Beta – A Mini Review

a) One nice feature is the ability to colour your messenger (Main Window & Conversation Windows). I love the default orange and the square tabs ….
b) Watch out Google….MS wants to throw in Search in as many places as they can…..even if it means throwing in a ‘Find Contact’ right above your contact list….helpful feature though….esp with all those changing handles….(it automatically searches handle & ID)
c) Another small change that finds favour with me (being as lazy as i am) is the number of mouse-over options offered to interact with a particular contact.
d) Users who are ‘Away’ are represented by Light Green logos thus differentiating them from those ‘Online/Available’.
e) Can’t help say this out loud….Google’s shouting Google Video….and so MSN’s driving traffic to right from the bottom of the Messenger window….and wait a min…..there’s an option to search the web there too….. 🙂
f) Whats best about WLM is the Add Information for this contact feature….De mentioned that he had added info into his Hotmail Address Book ages back….forgotten all about it….and now he’s found old numbers/addresses etc….moving into Plaxo turf are we?

For now, Windows Live is the hot topic of conversation and speculation… throws light on some interesting apps coming our way….on the other hand there is one more app that i can’t get enough of, my beloved Firefox…got a bunch of updates today and Thunderbird 1.5 is here too….when are we getting that MS Outlook beater Mozilla? They’re already talking about Windows Live email…

God bless and have a rocking weekend!


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