Opening Statements

2005 transitions into 2006, i hope you have a safe and prosperous new year.

I’ve finally decided to start blogging. On the advice of the wise Govind Menon, i’ve adopted the open source WordPress. Though a slight convulated install, feels good to be powered by the most powerful open source editing tool available .
What can we look forward to in 2006?

Loads actually….from Redmond, we can hope to get our hands on Vista, a peek at MSN Biz Apps, pay-per-go Office, MSN (India) Rich Media and India specific Ad-Center, Growth and evolution of Windows and Office Live! IE7, upgraded newsbot and personalised search are other areas we can expect activity on….

From Google we can expect pay-per-call advertising, Google Wallet, increased activity on Google Base (which would result in a showdown of sorts between eBay and Google), a more accurate analytics software (currently google analytics has inconsistent data) and more tie-in between AOL/Google. Another thing that would keep the attention of industry watchers are Google’s plans of Wi-Fi, their investment in black fibre and internet over power grid.
Jobbs and Co. have technophiles all excited with more powerful and affordable Intel processors powering Apple computers…can’t wait to get my hands on one of those….

The gods of open source should hopefully beef up OpenOffice and if all goes well an integrated Google Linux could be with us soon…..the only question being when….also Mozilla, we want a MS Outlook killer soon…..thunderbird falls way short….

All that i’m looking forward to from the Yahoo! stable this year is the new Yahoo! Mail Beta….am already on the wait list….and will be posting a detailed review as soon as i get onto it….

As far as the Indian Internet scene goes….with PC and Internet access costs spiralling southward we should continue to witness growth like we have in the last couple of years…with marketeers understanding that the Internet is a necessary part of the media mix, we should find newer and more interesting advertising solutions….expect some great ideas from mOne this year….we’re ready to rock the market!

I’m lucky to be a part of this revolution thats already changed the way millions of people work, live and function across the globe. It’s the same platform, accessible to everyone…a land of equal opportunity, the world’s biggest democracy, the world’s biggest community, the world’s biggest playground…with nothing to limit you, except yourself….have fun people…while the cyberwars of 2006 have netro-sexuals like me enthralled, it’s never been better for the end-user!

Go, Play!


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